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Yoga can be a valuable tool for learning about your body and for moving energy: to increase your energy, to get out of your busy-bee head, to feel more grounded, or relaxed. It has been shown to help with digestion and menstrual issues, hormone balance and insomnia, and it reduces stress and anxiety. [1]

Drawing on the rich philosophies of yoga, I support you in moving with your breath and with intention, to cultivate awareness around your alignment. Each session is tailored to your particular body and we adjust the practice according to what’s going on with your body that day.

Wooden Spoon Wellness yoga is unique in that we weave into your yoga practice various traditional Indian and Buddhist relaxation techniques including Ayurvedic tools to move energy, pranayama (breath exercises), meditation, and guided meditation.

In addition, each session ends with yoga nidra, a form of yoga not often taught in the United States. Yoga nidra helps you to enter a state between being awake and being asleep and it triggers the brain and the body to release tension. Depending on your needs, yoga nidra can make you feel like you’ve slept or it can make you fall asleep. [2]

Currently Wooden Spoon Wellness yoga is only available in New York City but workshops and retreats are currently in the works.

Special yoga & holistic health coaching packages are available.

For rates, to learn about Wooden Spoon Wellness yoga in New York City, or to learn about future Wooden Spoon Wellness yoga retreats, please contact us.


“Rachel’s incredible intuition allows her to create effective strategies to create balance in mind and body. Her energy is kind, open and warm. This practice is a gift to yourself!”

–Addi McDaniel



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