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A blog post, “How To Get Help As A New Mom: Our Reader (and Friend) Has Some Ideas…” on mentions Rachel and her services.

Rachel is featured in this promotional film for Yoga with Olesya (Russian).


“The program impacted every aspect of my life beyond nutrition. Most importantly, my perspective on “success”… that making small changes can have a large and lasting domino effect that can create a huge impact. Whether it’s eating healthier, finding a higher sense of peace within one’s self or trying to exercise more, Wooden Spoon Wellness embraces where you are and guides you compassionately towards where you want to be.”
—Lula Jones, Graphic Designer, Wife, Mother of two, and Daughter-in-Law Extraordinaire

“Rachel worked hard in our nutritionist/client relationship to counsel me according to my individual needs. Never did I feel she was applying generic solutions to my specific situation. I really appreciated the sample ingredients. They made the process fun and surprising. The newsletter is fantastic; I really found the tips on eating in the workday and workplace helpful. I also loved the seasonal recipes.”
—Katherine Crawford-Gray, non-profit consultant

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