Vacation Veg-ing

office workerEating healthy while traveling can be tricky. Good vegetables in particular are not readily available in airports, train stations, or at highway rest stops. It can be particularly important to consume nutrient- and water-rich foods while traveling because sitting for a long time prevents consistent blood and airflow to our muscles and joints. These systems can be further slowed down by complex foods, such as fatty and protein heavy foods, that take a lot for our body to process. In addition, the dehydrating affect of planes on our bodies can take its toll. How many of us end up eating foods we know do not support our health though when we travel? It can be easy to find excuses to not eat the way we eat at home but how much better do you feel when you eat well?

I was in a very resort-y area of Arizona recently for a beautiful, fun family wedding and found some great gems at the local supermarket: mini, colored peppers. These mini peppers are about the size of one of my fingers so they travel well and have very few seeds so they do not make a mess. They also are hearty enough to hang in your bag for a while and leftovers can fit neatly into a small hotel refrigerator. A bag of them costs about the same amount as a bag of chips and they are delicious! They are super sweet so our families’ little kids loved them and we adults couldn’t stop eating them.

The downside to these peppers– they are not organic. There is a chance that they have been sprayed with pesticides. Until rest stops and hotel mini bars and supermarkets in tourist areas have a better, affordable selection of pesticide-free produce however, what do we do? When given the choice between chips made with unhealthy oils or pretzels made with processed flour or mini peppers that may have been sprayed with pesticides, what do you do?

I know that chips start me on a cycle of cravings that do not serve me and flours do not work for my body and I do not otherwise eat a lot of foods that are not organic so I chose the peppers. What accommodations do you make while traveling in order to continue to eat as healthfully as possible and feel as good as possible?

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