WSW update + August yoga classes

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Lots of swimming in the ocean to balance lots of time in my head.

Several moons have passed since I decided to take some time to clarify Wooden Spoon Wellness’s work and its impact on women’s holistic health. I am grateful for this space and for all those who have supported me on the journey thus far. It’s a luxury and a privilege to do this and I do not take for granted.
I have spent this time writing, visioning, speaking with colleagues who do cutting-edge, bad-ass work to empower women globally, studying with various teachers, and testing out new methods for working with clients. It has been humbling to hear about issues women continue to face with regard to their health and their bodies- challenges that many of us would expect to have been resolved long ago- however I’ve also been inspired to learn about efforts underway to shift things. There is currently something very special in the air and the possibilities for women’s health and empowerment are expansive.

My task in the midst of all of this has been to identify women’s needs as they relate to health and empowerment; to consider the resources that are already out there to address these needs; to identify the unique value that my work and Wooden Spoon Wellness can add (while financially supporting myself); to laugh, dance, and enjoy life throughout!!!

At a certain point, decisions need to be made, and I will take until December 31st, 2016 to launch the next iteration of Wooden Spoon Wellness. Until then, I will continue to teach and coach in a limited capacity, and I intend to run a workshop or two to test possible directions this work will take.

Workshop dates have not yet been set but I am teaching yoga every Wednesday in August at 6:15pm at Now Yoga in Union Square, Manhattan. Classes are one hour and by-donation. They’ll include a form of yoga that is slow but challenging. I’m also very excited to weave in yoga nidra, which helps you to cultivate a deep state of relaxation. Whether you have zero experience with yoga or a lot of experience, you will leave having learned something about your body (and hopefully more.) Come treat yourself to a mid-week, low-cost, juicy hour of movement and relaxation!

The first class is next Wednesday, August 3rd. The address is Now Yoga @The Shala Yoga House, 815 Broadway, 2nd floor. You can sign up in advance here. Walk-ins are also welcome.

I hope to see you at one class or another and will continue to keep you updated as plans develop. As always, please feel free to be in touch via email or through Facebook if you have thoughts about the current or future work of Wooden Spoon Wellness.

Many blessings for a beautiful summer!

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