Office Tips to Bring the Sun to You

Young businesswoman at the beach

Craving the sun but stuck inside? Wish you could be outside but feel like you can’t leave your office? Here are a few office tips to bring the sun to you and get you through the work day while everyone else plays hookie and enjoys their vacation:

  1. Sip a Pineapple Juice Spritzer at your desk by mixing 6 oz. pineapple juice with a few splashes of seltzer. To give your day a little extra kick, grate a big piece of ginger into it.
    2. Close your office door and stream your favorite beach mix on Spotify or Soundcloud while you enter data into that spreadsheet.
    3. Be creative in what you wear under your work clothes to jazz up your day. Wear your bikini top or a sexy halter underneath your work clothes.
    4. Ping your ladies to gather at 5pm for some shenanigans. If there’s warm sunshine outside, make the most of the remaining time with the sun and reward yourself for making it through the day. If it’s cold outside, find a spot that will transport you to the climate you need– visit the tropical room at the Botanical Garden, watch a movie set in a beach-y climate, or go to a Tiki Bar-themed restaurant.


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