Mother’s Day for Women Who Are Not Mothers

pic of woman with ballons

I’m in my late 30s and I’m not a mother. Many amazing, successful, beautiful women I know are also not moms. Some of us hope to have kids one day, some are actively trying to become moms but are having fertility issues, some lost their babies, and some of us are either not sure if we want to be parents, or are choosing to lead very fulfilling lives without kids.

For those of us who are not mothers, Mother’s Day can just be another day or it may be really difficult and painful or it can just be annoying. I mean, I know mothering can be unquantifiably difficult but I also know some seriously badass women who give their whole selves to making the world a better place for us all. Why don’t they have a day to celebrate their contributions to the world and receive a brunch discount?

If you’re having a tough go of it, consider turning this day upside down. It may be easier said than done, especially if life without a child is not a choice and you feel a void. Women are more than our children though. We have value beyond the human babies we may or may not produce. We birth an infinite number of beautiful, magical, important things in this world. Consider treating this day as an opportunity to honor other parts of your creative self and nourish your Shakti (divine feminine cosmic energy). Here are three ideas:

  1. Sleep late and have a lazy morning. This is something people with kids in the house are generally not able to do. Take advantage of your ability to wake up whenever the f*k you want! Find ways to relax and even revel in your bed. Make it luxurious.
  2. Be sexy. Whether you have a partner or not, buy yourself some lingerie or a special toy, run errands commando-style, dance naked in your living room, share a fantasy with a lover—whatever activates your pleasure center.
  3. Express your creativity. Cook, paint, sculpt, write, dance, play music, or just mindfully BE yourself in the world however loudly or quietly you’re comfortable with. Generate with intention today.



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