*No New Posts (for now). Good Things to Come!*

As most of you know by now, I’m not really one to bury the lead so it is with much excitement that I announce that there will be no new blog posts (at least for now) so that I can gear up for Wooden Spoon Wellness 2.0. Why am I so excited? This will take a bit to explain.
I founded Wooden Spoon Wellness in 2013, burnt out from my former job and ready for change. While women’s health was a relatively new field for me and I wasn’t clear of the precise impact I wanted to have, I believed that lived experiences could provide great lessons and reveal powerful insights. I therefore decided to crack open the mysteries of entrepreneurship and dive into the work.

Discovering watermelon radishI started Wooden Spoon Wellness with a broad audience in mind using tools I already had: writing, teaching, and health coaching. Since then, I’ve expanded my network and tools to include yoga therapy. I used these tools and the spheres in which I operate to better understand the issues specific groups of women face. I asked: What resources currently exist to support women’s holistic health and where are gaps? What unique services, skills, and spice do I bring to the field? What kind of work fulfills me and what does not?
I explored answers to these questions through colleagues as well as clients and informal conversations with women around the world. In addition, whether we’ve had direct contact or not, each of you dear readers has contributed to Wooden Spoon Wellness’s and my development in some way. Your mere presence on this list has taught me. I am grateful for your teachings and support thus far. What an amazing, nourishing journey this has been and continues to be!
About six months ago however, I reached a point where I became stuck in my learning. I practice what I preach and turned to a coach and friend, the amazing Claudia Lopez. Through my work with Claudia, I came to understand my stuck-ness and gained clarity on the next steps.
Wooden Spoon Wellness is now at a turning point. I have big decisions to make, oodles of ideas, and a lot of planning. While I believe this blog is an important contribution to women’s health and writing this blog brings me great satisfaction, I need to fully walk the walk I recommend to each of you and give myself the time and space to develop Wooden Spoon Wellness’s next stage. I may return to blogging at some point but that is TBD.

I will continue to see clients but I am limiting the number of clients I take on and currently have only one open spot for holistic health coaching. I can always be reached at WoodenSpoonWellness@gmail.com though and welcome your thoughts on Wooden Spoon Wellness’s work thus far as well its potential impact.

This has been a long time in the making and thank you again for your on-going support. With every end comes new opportunities and I am so excited to share updates soon! (And if you’re not on the list to receive Wooden Spoon Wellness updates, sign up now here or ‘like’ WSW on Facebook. You don’t want to miss what is to come!)

With warmest wishes,

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