Preparing for an Internal Cleanse

Closeup of Fresh Red Beet Juice

There are many cleanses out there— juice cleanses, raw food cleanses, a Candida diet…. The radical shift your body experiences can be intense and challenging though.

Set yourself up for success by answering these questions before you start your cleanse program:

  1. What are your intentions for this time period? How will this cleanse enhance your life? How do you want to feel the day after you finish?
  2. How frequently should you plan to go to the market for ingredients?
  3. If you are working, what will you need each day at the office?
  4. What do you have going on during those several days? Where can you create flexibility to accommodate potential needs, such as tiredness?
  5. What will you need in place if you start to waver from your plan—i.e. someone to hold you accountable, written intentions to remind you of your course?

And if you’d like to do a seasonal cleanse but are not sure which is right for you or you need some help addressing these questions, let me know.

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