spoonsWhy ‘wooden spoon’?

From Russian mamas in the U.S. to Indian grandmas in the hills of the Himalayas, to chance encounters in Mozambique, Peru and El Salvador, to time spent with my mother in her kitchen, I have been fortunate to learn remedies and recipes from a variety of traditions. Consistent across cultures is the wooden spoon—a tool for stirring, mixing and sometimes playful swatting. It is a universal symbol for nourishment as well as home and homey-ness, of nurturing and support. This is what you will experience when you work with Wooden Spoon Wellness.

“I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to walk in the door with our new baby to amazing aromas and a kitchen full of delicious, nutritious, healing meals. It was fantastic. So grateful for and to you!!”

—Merrill Zack, nonprofit professional, mother of one, age 42